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Welcome to Shelve

Shelve is the best place to manage your projects, alone or with your team. Store your project secrets, data, files and more in one place. Use our CLI to manage your projects without leaving your terminal.

npm install -g @shelve/cli


No more tedious tasks, Shelve has everything you need to manage your projects.

Manage your projects secrets
End Slack messages like "Can you send me .env file?", keep your secrets in one place and share them with your team.
Collaborate with your team
Create, invite and manage your team members to work together on your projects in seconds.
Powerful CLI
Manage your projects secrets, files and more withour leaving your terminal.
Shared env variables (soon)
Create shared env variables that can be used across all your projects.
Sync with your favorite tools (soon)
Integrate with your favorite tools like GitHub, Vercel, etc...
Talk to project (soon)
Talk to your project with built in trained AI on your project data.


Frequently asked questions about Shelve.

Yes, Shelve is under heavy development and is currently free to use. We may introduce a paid plan in the future, but the free plan will always be available.
Yes, Shelve is secure. We use industry-standard encryption (AES-256) to protect your data. We never store your secrets in plain text, and we never share your data with third parties. You can also check the source code on GitHub to verify our security practices.
You can contribute to Shelve by submitting a pull request to the GitHub repository. You can also contribute by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or sharing Shelve with your friends.
Yes, Shelve is open source. You can view the source code on GitHub and contribute to the project if you wish.
For the moment you can send me an email at